About Waterbed Bladders

Waterbed layers explained here

Types of Waterbed Bladders

For Replacement Timber Frame Waterbed Mattresses click here

Original style water beds are Timber Frame, where a timber frame (surprise!) holds the bladder/mattress in place. Still a very popular option.



For Replacement Softsider Waterbed Mattresses click here

These newer style waterbeds use a container or bath made from foam plastics which holds the bladder/mattress in place. This gives the top edge of the bed a soft feel compare to the timber frames above.


Caring for your Waterbed Bladder

As the vinyl bladder ages it tends to "dry out", shrink and become brittle. To prolong the life of a waterbed, and to keep the water hygienic, a conditioner is needed.


Waterbed conditioner is a specially formulated to treat and condition mattress water, fiber and foam.

Also lubricates and conditions vinyl interior for maximum long life.

Our waterbed conditioners come in two strengths;

A. Conditioner Concentrate Starter Solution (shock treatment) is an initialisation solution used when

  1. Filling the waterbed bladder for the first time
  2. Refilling the waterbed bladder
  3. Conditioner has not been added for a while.
  4. Excess air in the waterbed bladder caused by bacteria

B. Please note that the conditioner concentrate is five times more concentrated than the six month waterbed conditioner. The six month solution is used to top up after the initial concentrate is used.

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