• Aqua Advance Industries Pty Ltd heaters should not be used for Gel beds
  • Will your insurance cover you, if your home is damaged as a result of a heater not fit for the purpose?
  • Will the insurance of the business from whom you purchased the gel bed that has a 100w Aqua Advance Industries Pty Ltd heater to warm that gel bed cover you, if your house burns down?
  • Have you been told all the relevant information or just part of it? The part that counts promotes a sale. You weigh the facts!
  • A 240v, 100w heater under you at night that is not fit for the purpose? I would be concerned, wouldn't you?
  • Is the use of a product, not fit for the purpose, legal?

Gelbeds are a brilliant idea, only if you could heat them legally and effectively and not clog up pumps and pipes when it reforms after emptying

We are not the only one warning customers about heaters being used for gel beds. Check out the facts from another site


Aqua Advance Industries Pty Ltd, Australia's only waterbed heater manufacturer has advised that their 100 watt heaters are made for waterbeds only, as their warranty states.



Check out more facts from the horses mouth If in doubt ring Aqua Advance Industries Pty Ltd, the manufacturer of these heaters (02) 9756 4044

The use of this waterbed heater for any purpose other than waterbeds voids the heater manufacturer's warranty as this waterbed heater was approved for waterbed use only as per Australian approval N1637. So the use of this heater does not include Gel beds as it is not officially approved for this use. The use of this heater in a gel bed means the heater is not fit for the purpose, and then insurance companies run for cover, as insurance companies do, most likely voiding your claim. Of course the sellers insurance company does not want to know either as the heater was not designed for gel beds and most likely will void your claim against his insurance as well. It is then up to the business owner the carry the damage bill. If there are to many claims, then what happens?

There have been complaints made to the NSW Department of Fair Trading that these 100watt heaters have not heated Gel beds satisfactorily. Aqua Advance Industries Pty Ltd has advised Fair Trading that the 100 watt heater warranties are void as they were not suitable for Gel beds. So to emphasise this Aqua Advance Industries Pty Ltd has placed a tag on the cord of the 100watt heater stating the following

 WARNING Heater under Gel beds will void warranty .The heater is designed for waterbeds

We initially tested gel in standard waterbed bladders over the six years ago we have always maintained that when Gel gets to thick , hot spots will develop so we have advised our customers that they can only put a certain amount of Gel in their waterbed bladder so it is still a slurry. Some waterbed companies have tried the gel idea 20 years ago with similar results and then abandoned the idea, so the gel idea is certainly not new as has been claimed.

We have also been aware of those who have purchased standard bladders and added their own Gel complained about lack of heating as they probably made the gel to thick. Doesn'?t matter what gel is being used it is still thick and does not circulate like water. It is possible that the pad can get very hot due to the fact the heat transfer to the thermostat is not as effective. Our tests have revieled in winter, combined with thicker gel there is a 10-12 degree temperature diffenence between the edge of the soft sider bladder to top of the bladder above the heater with the lambswool cover on.

As we have a showroom that has a variety of waterbeds including a Gel bed, we have found that a large amount of customers did not like Gel beds and went for waterbeds instead when presented with facts as per below. We only re-introduced them as a result of a trend but we also have warned our potential customers of the positives and negatives of Gel beds. Now, without the backing of the heater manufacturer,  Aqua Advance Industries Pty Ltd and with the negatives in mind as a result of not having a heated bed we do not want to get into any trouble. We will still sell gel beds only to warmer areas where heaters are not necessary.


  • Being a vast range of stabilities to a certain thickness
  • No baffles to tangle
  • Add salt or gel to change stabilities
  • Brilliant if no heater is required as in the tropical areas [we sell gel beds into these warmer areas]


  • Hot spots developing when gel is to thick
  • Cold areas can create problems in back, kidneys and other body parts
  • Gel when disposed of in septic tanks, reforming as salt is removed from the Gel then blocking up septic pumps and trenches
  • The slippery Gel when disposed of in the yard can be dangerous when stepped on when dumped outside and when it reforms outdoors, killing grass as a result of salt content released like after rain
  • Heaters, overheat when gel gets to thick and could create problems like pad over heating
  • Customers buying standard waterbed bladders can make the gel to thick and can then blame the retailer. We have heard of a few of these stories.
  • If a gel bed is to cold back, kidney and other problems could develop.
  • It is also recommended that in cooler climates that bladders needed to be warm for longevity . This then rules out gel beds again
  • If you place extra covers or foam tops over the cold gel bed bladder, perspiration can condense on the bladder creating wet areas. Sometimes these areas are saturated. We experienced this as well

As Aqua Advance Industries Pty Ltd has now placed a sticker on the cords of 100 watt heaters as per photo indicating they are serious about protecting themselves from complications associated with Gel beds.
Beware if this sticker/tag has been removed and remember there is no such thing as a gel bed heater!

Some just verbally rename it. No where on the heater pad does it mention Aqua Advance Industries Pty Ltd heaters are OK for gel beds. If it does, again be aware of alterations.

We do not want to be involved with any problems associated with Gel beds and so we present customers the pros and cons of gel beds and hence there is lack of gel bed sales and heaps of waterbed sales as a result. This is why we have a showroom with a good range of waterbeds and a gel bed so you can physically compare and evaluate. As a result, we sell a lot of waterbeds over gel beds so customers can compare. That is why it is important to go to a decent showroom so you can compare and get the facts. We are more that a one or two bed showroom like some others.

It has been mentioned to us through our Sydney counterpart that complaint/s were made to NSW Fair Trading that a Gelbed or Beds were not heating. I can only assume that the Gel was to thick for heat to be distributed evenly causing this problem. As we cannot control what the customer puts in, Big George Waterbeds will limit the sale of gel beds to areas where the climate is warm enough, where heaters are not required.

This has alerted us to the fact that inexperienced customers can put to much gel in their bladder causing possible heater problems and, if to cold, back aches and kidney problems could also develop. We so not want to get caught up legal issues as a result heater problems and cold gel beds causing physical harm.

 How to empty a gel bed?

Where do you empty it to? It is difficult to pump out gel at best. If you could where would you pump it to? It can clog up the toilet, clog up the septic pump and restrict the flow into the trenches If there is any obstruction in the drains it builds up. Got a number for the plumber? What about outside? It is a slippery mess in the yard for months and months and when it rains it swells up again. Don't tread on it or you can fall. Kids watch out! Watch out anyone else! No, don't dump it near the chook pen?

OK, lets put some salt into the gel. Yep!, it's now a liquid again. I am using a pump or I am using a hose to drain. Oh oh!, the hose/pump has stopped. Why? Not all of the gel has dissolved and the remaining thick gel has blocked the hose or the pump is not pumping any longer. So I am stuck with a half a bladder full of gel. Now where do I go? I am moving today Ahhhh!!! I've packed the yellow pages, which box!!

But if you have enough gel dissolved. Great! Pump it or siphon it out. Ok, again where to. Down the toilet? Is it a septic tank? Yep. What about the gel that's gone there? Non-salt liquids have neutralised the liquid back to gel. Oh, that's why the septic tank is full. Or if your plumbing is not in order you may be calling the plumber sooner that you think.

 OK, lets assume that you have all the liquefied gel out. I have siphoned or pumped it out to where? In the yard? Oh there is some rain!
The next day, ?*$#!(^#? Where did this come from? The salt has diluted out of the gel, dear, what a mess!! If the kids fall because of this !!!!!

In the toilet? Why not! The toilet has not flushed properly for a while. Now it doesn't flush at all. The remaining liquefied gel had diluted and gone back to gel. It's blocked. The plumber can't come immediately and I need to go. Dump it in the shower. I will leave it to your imagination.

 Mind you all this is possible. Some of the above we have experienced already. When in our showroom we tell it how it is with gel beds. When confronted with the facts, then why are our waterbed sales so high? It is not that we don't like to sell them. They are a brilliant idea only if you could heat them legally and effectively.

 It is most likely you have not been told everything. Only the positives for sales have been presented. If you are concerned, call us!

Please do remember that if you are in the tropics and don't require a heater, gel beds are a brilliant idea and we will be only to happy to sell one to you.

 KEEP OUT THE REACH OF CHILDREN  This gel material expands quickly.

When gel is diluted with water again, salt or destabilizer is leached out and reforms. The quantity in this image represents 15 liters of liquid gel that has reformed after a few hours.

One month later...

In the drier conditions the gel vanished. We had rain and the neutraliser washed out of the gel and the gel reformed.


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