Custom headboards for your waterbed

Add a Headboard

This headboard and others that we make can be added to most soft side waterbeds without brackets with our new attaching system.


Soft Sider Pedestal


Pedestal Platform



Dense Foam Bath

Big George's foam bath/cradle with power saving insulating foam base to lower heat loss and denser wear and tear sides. Example of a shallow well.
It is important to note that having a denser side where you get in and out of bed is important for longevity and mattress reliability.
In the case of lower density foams like memory foams, mattresses tend to flex a lot more where you get in and out. This leads to creases, then cracks, followed by leaking. This is considered as wear and tear and will not be covered under warranties.
Prevention is better than Cure.

extra firm foam bath




Foam bath or cradle for soft sider waterbeds. The sides here are extra firm.
If a person who has a timber frame waterbed wants a good strong edge support in a soft sider then this is one that can fit the requirements.
Don't forget we can make soft siders with heights of 200mm to 800mm

K Q D call


Regular Foam Bath

Big George's Calico foam bath with foam insulating bottom Cat 383 King Queen double Single


Timber Zip on Quilt Top

Upgrade your timber frame bed with a stable zip on-off thick quilted top. You can have a range from a floppy mattress to a firm inner spring type consistancy. Makes turning in bed a lot easier to do. Sheets stay tucked in longer. This process can replace anyone's idea of placing a inner spring in a waterbed timber frame with more comfort and much less cost.
Top can be unzipped for dry cleaning. That is another advantage of this product over a inner spring. Remove dust mites and accidents.
Foam collapse on inner springs where one sleeps is not under inner spring warranty. With the Dreamlover zip-on-off quilted top there is not spring or foam collapse as the waterbed mattress always retains its shape!