There are some who quote a initial callout and per hour servicing there after plus tolls which can amount to almost anything. We like to get a verbal description of the job so we can then offer you set price for the job requested, as I have done do for the last 25yrs.
If the water flow is slow then obviously the fill rate is much-much slower as well. With a per hour rate this value can be a substantial addition. With a agreed set amount, the price is fixed and if the fill takes longer, then it still is the agreed amount regardless, so you can budget accurately.


PVC Repairs

George is an expert in PVC adhesive repairs. Before waterbeds, George was a workshop manager with inflatable boats, repairing seams, replacing valves, repairing bulkheads and repairing transoms that carry up to 35hp outboard motors. Also bringing standard inflatable boats to Surf Life Saving specifications. In comparison, repairing a waterbed bladder is a walk in the park for George.

On-site Waterbed Service Options

pump out waterbedsE1 Empty and fold waterbed bladder

E2 Empty, fold and pack waterbed bladder

E3 Empty, fold bladder and disasseble bed

E4 Empty, fold, pack bladder and disassemble bed

E5 Empty, fold, pack bladder, disassemble and pack bed

E6 Repair waterbed leaks

waterbed moving

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