Reconditioned Waterbeds

We are waterbed experts with 26years experince. When one part is not up to scratch we will replace it. Hence reconditioned.
As a result the beds listed come with our exclusive one year warranty.

We deal in waterbeds so when working in the field, emptying, moving and replacing old waterbeds with new waterbeds, we do tend to get some good parts. Then when mixed and matched with leftover parts including some new parts, we can then make a excellent reliable reconditioned waterbed. For hygiene purposes we may need to replace lambswool tops used on softsider waterbeds. This promotes reliability and longevity for you. Compare these reconditioned waterbeds to second hand waterbeds of unknown quality.

If you thinking of purchasing a second hand waterbed privately to get the bed as cheap as possible be sure to consider some following facts.

  • Is the waterbed structurally sound?
  • Have the waterbed timbers been wet before? Are the timbers old and brittle?
  • Does anything suspect in the waterbed need to be replaced?
  • How old is the waterbed? 5yrs? 30yrs?
  • How clean is the softsider waterbed lambswool top?
  • Is the waterbed bladder still in good condition?
  • Has the waterbed bladder been looked after? Is the bladder vinyl still soft?
  • Do the wave reducing waterbed baffles still work? Are they damaged?
  • Also who do you contact when you have a waterbed problem?
  • If there is something wrong with the waterbed where do you go? Previous owner?
  • Do you know enough about waterbeds?

Second Hand Queen Timber Frame ( professionally reconditioned )

NICE BED minor scratches
second hand waterbed Brisbane(extra for upstairs, like units )
( Side tables and other not included )
Comes with Conditioner Starter Concentrate and extra two six month top ups.
Being professionally reconditioned this bed comes with a 3 year warranty

Pedestal is upgraded to very good condition and painted black
Decking is plywood
Liner is NEW
Heater good second hand with our 3 yr warranty
Waterbed bladder new with 5yr warranty

Firmness Options
With new full floation Total price $690
With new level 3 firm Total price $880
With new level 4 ex-firm Total price $950
With new level 5 hard Total price $990

0429 0429 88

Reconditioned Double Waterbed

Second hand waterbed

$590 + delivery

The bed listed looks similar to the image shown

RING 0429 0429 88

Reconditioned Double Waterbed

This bed is 650mm high from the floor. From floor to under mattress is 440mm.  Includes a 5 layer bladder. Others are available as well.

This particular Double has the double width of 1370mm and the Queen length of 2030mm Solid four pine draw base on metal runners as shown has internal measurements 460 x 500 x 190

Foam cradle heavier duty sides where you get in and out of bed.
Zip on/off Lambwool top.

Note: This is a GOOD solid bed

CLEARANCE PRICE $965 + delivery

 (Brisbane, Beaudesert, Redlands, Logan, Ipswich areas have free delivery) 

(We also offer 1 year warranty)

RING 0429 0429 88

Reconditioned Double Waterbed

Reconditioned Waterbed for sale in Brisbane area. Standard Queen softside waterbed with Clipper 2 layer waterbed mattress.  Package includes Waterbed Conditioner starter concentrate. Package also includes a NEW zip on-off lambswool top. 1yr warranty on the bed as it has been professionally reconditioned. 

TOTAL PRICE for YOU  $465 + delivery

Local Brisbane delivery free

Note:  Compare this to the new priceof over $1100
            Local set up and fill also available, is extra 

RING 0429 0429 88

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