A MERMAID in the waterbed bed mattress does have benefits.

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Waterbed Conditioner Concentrate (shock treatment)

Is used for

  • When filling a new waterbed bladder to protect against bugs ( preflush fill hose helps )
  • Refilling a drained waterbed bladder ( preflush fill hose helps )
  • If waterbed conditioner has not been added for a while. . OOppp’s Who ???? Meee?? Nah!! Better get some ……………
  • A runaway system where there is smell coming from the bladder due to a bacterial issue

Waterbed Conditioner Standard ( 6mth treatment )

Is used for
topping up and BOOSTING the conditioner concentrate to the best protective strength level. Keeping the consistency of the protective solution at full strength to reduce the waterbed bladder from premature aging when a 6 monthly top up booster solution like this one is used. This prolongs flexibility of the PVC that the bladder or tube is made from, promoting RELIABILITY

WCSS Conditioner Concentrate Starter Solution and Shock Treatment $25

WC1 Conditioner ( 6 months solution ) $10 ( WC3 ) better value

WC3 Conditioner and 3 way treatment ( 6 month BOOSTER solution x 3 ) $25

Postage free within Australia

Call 0429 0429 88 to order

Waterbed conditioner keeps the waterbed bladder vinyl soft. Non-use of waterbed treatment can make the vinyl go harder and in the process, shrink as shown below. The vinyl also gets hard and brittle as well.

Honey I Shrunk the Mattress!!

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