Waterbed Shock Treatment & Conditioner Usage

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Waterbed Conditioner Concentrate (shock treatment)

Is used for

  • When filling a new waterbed bladder to protect against bugs ( preflush fill hose helps )
  • Refilling a drained waterbed bladder ( preflush fill hose helps )
  • If waterbed conditioner has not been added for a while
  • A runaway system where there is smell coming from the bladder due to a bacterial issue

Waterbed Conditioner Standard ( 6mth treatment )

Is used for

  •  Topping up the conditioner concentrate to the best protective strength. Keeping the solution at full strength to protect the waterbed bladder from premature aging a 6 monthly top up is used. This prolongs flexibility of the PVC that the bladder or tube is made from. This is the standard 6 monthly treatment.

WCC1 Conditioner Concentrate $25

WC1 Conditioner ( 6 months solution ) $7

WC4 Conditioner ( 6 month solution 4 pack ) $24

Postage free within Australia

Call 0429 0429 88 to order

Waterbed conditioner keeps the waterbed bladder vinyl soft. Non-use of waterbed treatment can make the vinyl go harder and in the process, shrink as shown below. The vinyl also gets hard and brittle as well.

Honey I Shrunk the Mattress!!

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